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What is Kinemetry?

Kali Holistic Kinesiology
Kali Holistic Kinesiology
Kali Holistic Kinesiology

Kinemetry or Postural test is a tool created in Kinesiology that allows evaluating and relating an individuals  posture, stability and orientation with their proprioception systems, vestibular system (inner ear), vision, occlusion (mouth) and tread.


From the moment we are born our sensory journey begins. At each stage of human development we have the opportunity to relate to space and all of our sensory systems begin to develop. The correct relationship between these systems is key to the way we project ourselves in the world; the relationship with ourselves and our posture. When some of these systems are affected in our different stages of development it can cause posture and relationship problems with the environment, as well as a wide range of general disorders.

Some pathologies and adaptations of the body associated with an incorrect integration of these systems can be:

  • Altered emotional characteristics such as lack of security, strong dependencies, unstable relationships among others.

  • Visual problems such as strabismus; reading or visual concentration problems

  • Dizziness, vertigo

  • Compensation with class II or III bites (Angle classification). Swallowing problems, oral breathing.

  • cervical, foot and knee problems.

  • Valgus foot (pronator); varus foot (supinator), flat foot.

  • Tread or gait disturbances. Little movement of arms when walking; anteriorization of the head.

  • Muscle stiffness or weakness.

  • scoliosis or lordosis, etc.

Postural Protocol.

  • Romberg test.

  • Uthemberg test.

  • General Test.

  • Kinemetry test.

Thanks to the use of these tests, from the first session we can determine which part of the proprioceptive development was affected and apply the appropriate treatment that may include doing specific exercises or being referred to an behavioural optometrist , dentist or postural podiatrist.

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