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Kali Holistic Kinesiology
Kali Holistic Kinesiology
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Holistic Kinesiology

About me 

As a child I always questioned things about life and the human being. Always having the need to discover what my purpose was in this world and the desire to serve and to know in depth who I am has always accompanied me.

I grew up with the desire to study medicine to help others , but my love for animals led me to study veterinary- medicine. Later on I developed my meditation skills to learn more about myself.

At the age of 28 the discipline of yoga came into my life and together with meditation it became an important part of the path that I was beginning to travel. Feeling and recognising myself as something deeper began to change my vision of where I wanted to go and how I wanted to develop my profession from that moment on.

My journey in alternative therapies began when in the midst of all this personal transformation process practicing as a veterinarian I realised that I lacked tools to help animals. Antibiotics and corticosteroids not only did not solve the problem (they only eliminated one symptom) but in the long term they ended up doing greater damage.

I was frustrated and indebted to the Hippocratic promise I made upon graduation to help heal other beings. Something in my heart told me that there was something more. Investigating and seeing beyond the apparent became my main driving force and I began to look for other therapies in which to train until a personal case made me find Holistic Kinesiology. This case was with my two year old daughter: She didn't have much of an appetite and was quite thin. The doctors believed that she was celiac and after many tests and recommendations to give her high caloric food, which I did not do, not seeing a solution I accepted the suggestion of a good friend to try kinesiology. It was love at first sight!! I found a magnificent professional who by moving my arms, with my daughter in contact with my body, began to tell me about the biology of us both, that her enzymes were not working properly and that she had a lactase deficiency, amongst other things. My amazement at seeing the depth of the things he was saying to me and seeing my daughter eating fabulously and gaining weight after a week of treatment with plant extracts and enzymes was the trigger to realise that I had found what I had been searching for.

Here began a beautiful and wonderful journey of learning, opening my mind and heart to something greater than the simple view I used to have about the biology of the body. I stopped seeing each organ or ailment as something isolated and came to understand that each being is part of a greater whole and that there a wide range of variables that affect us every day, throughout our changing lives. The word Holistic, so popular for a long time, now made sense to me.

This is how today I dedicate myself to listening to my heart and following my desire to serve other beings from the respect and understanding that we are unique beings and as such we need an individual and specific approach that allows the innate wisdom of our bodies expresses itself.

As a therapist I know that my job is to ensure that each of my patients can discover a little more about themselves and help and accompany them to take responsibility for their own bodies.


Holistic Kinesiology

"For many years, I lived believing, like many, that everything I had been shown was the indisputable truth. That two plus two equalled four, the earth is round and we live in a defined space and time, that we are all bodies with organs functioning in the same way and are born, grow and die without many more changes. But one day I woke up and I was able to see beyond the apparent and discovered that with each moment we have the opportunity to see a different angle allowing us to have a broader vision of each life situation" 

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