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About me 

Kali D'Lima Holistic Kinesiologist
Kali D'Lima Holistic Kinesiologist
Kali D'Lima Holistic Kinesiologist

Hello and welcome. My name is Kali, I am originally from Venezuela i then moved to Spain for 15 wonderful years. 5 years ago I moved to England, Frome is now my home.

I have been practising as a Holistic Kinesiologist since 2010 I also currently practice as a holistic vet in Spain throughout the year. 

I first qualified as a Vet and received my Bachelor of Science in 2001 and then studied for 3 years to obtain my Diploma in Holistic Kinesiology in 2010

My life-changing journey started when I moved to Spain in 2003. I always had the desire to study holistic medicine.

my personal growth, use of holistic therapies and meditation, combined with my love for animals, allowed my transformation into something deeper. I had felt frustrated lacking tools to help animals holistically without the use of antibiotics and corticosteroids.  2010 I changed my conventional way of working as a vet and dedicated myself to holistic treatment.

Wanting to know who we are and what purpose we have in this life has always fascinated me. Over time my personal development, strongly influenced by meditation, allowed me to understand a very simple universal truth 'We are here to serve each other'

Here began a beautiful and wonderful journey of learning, opening my mind and heart to something greater than the simple view I used to have about the biology of the body. I stopped seeing each organ or ailment as something isolated and came to understand that each being is part of a greater whole and that a wide range of variables affects us every day throughout our changing lives. The word holistic, so popular for so long, finally made sense to me, I was not only able to work differently with animals, but it also allowed me to start helping people too. I have never felt happier!

I currently offer one-to-one sessions as a Holistic Kinesiologist in Frome, Somerset at my home. I work with all ages and am always happy to be contacted if you would like to ask me further questions about how Holistic Kinesiology could help you.

My holistic work with animals is currently only available in Spain. ( Something I am looking to change in the future ) 

I look forward to meeting you. I look forward to you discovering more about you….


2014 - Certificate of Higher Education: University Expert in Holistic Kinesiology ESCORIAL-MARÍA CRISTINA ROYAL UNIVERSITY - Escorial, Madrid, Spain


2011 - Diploma of Higher Education: Superior Kinesiology Centre of  Naturopathy and Holistic Kinesiology - Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain 


2010 - Certificate  - of Higher Education: Advanced Kinesiology Centre of Naturopathy and Holistic Kinesiology - Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain 


2009 - Certificate of Higher Education: Basic Kinesiology Centre of Naturopathy and Holistic Kinesiology - 

Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain    


2001- Bachelor of Science: Veterinary Science Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado University - Barquisimeto, Edo. Lara, Venezuela


Fog and Nature

"For many years, I lived believing, like many, that everything I had been shown was the indisputable truth. That two plus two equalled four, the earth is round and we live in a defined space and time, that we are all bodies with organs functioning in the same way and are born, grow and die without many more changes. But one day I woke up and I was able to see beyond the apparent and discovered that with each moment we have the opportunity to see a different angle allowing us to have a broader vision of each life situation " 

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